Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cloudy days

This is probably by far the worst nail art i've done in my whole life, the rainbow just didn't want to work and i manged to knock it, and spilt half of my SV...... this will be my last mani for a while cause ive chopped all my nails off cause they were still damaged from the horrible acrylics i got months ago and because i need to disaplin myself for something stupid! Anyway heres the terrible mani

Friday, 27 May 2011


Sorry i haven't updated in a while, been busy with a few things. So i have two different manis for you, the first one is a very teenage girl inspired haha!
This was for the hubby and i hadn't cleaned up yet. I love it because it reminds me of being 13 and having a huge school girl crush and putting it onto your nails! I've been using a different base coat to try and make my nails a bit healthier its a rimmel one i think, anyway i started with that, then two coats of For Audrey China Glaze, coat of SV then did the letters with Art Deco nail art polish, the heart with Elephantastic Pink OPI and Lancome white for the little dot then a coat of SV. Then i've got my next one to show you.
This is probably my most favorite nail art I've done. It was SO simple and easy and only took me 20 mins. You will need a dotting tool or a toothpick. So i started with a base coat, then For Audrey China Glaze, then with my Lancome white i did the little semicircle (i did this free hand because i couldn't get the tape right) Then with the dotting tool i made the ears and three smaller dots, i used Art Deco black, then when thats dry just put two little dots for the eyes! Its very simple. I suggest buying a dotting tool, its the best thing I've bought so far!

Meows and kisses!! xo
p.s here is a different picture of one of my earlier manis
Hands look real manly but whatever :')

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Black Mesh

I wanted to try out my new Sally Hansen green and decided to put crackle over it, probably my most favorite colour to put under it!
This about 4 days of wearing and i'm not really that fond of how big the cracks have gone so i'd probably only wear it for a few days.

Meows and kisses! xo

Monday, 16 May 2011

todays haul

Well i guess it isn't really a haul but probably the most nail polish i have bought at one time surprisingly, so today i went into Wellington City and found a store that had so much cosmetics and perfumes at a really good price. They didn't have as much of a selection of polish as i'd hoped but i managed to pick up four Sally Hansen's for $3 a pop. The colours i got are (from the left in) 03 Glow, 08 Glossy, 04 Flash and 06 Spark.
Glow is a shimmery green which is pretty thin so would need a few coats and maybe a white base coat. Glossy is a reddy brown which would probably only need one coat. Flash is a shimmery blue which i would probaby use a white base for too and Spark is a gorgeous dark blue with a hint of purple which only needs one coat as well. I'l try and do a new mani later but i have the hugest headache ever :(

Meows and kisses!! xo

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Polka Dot

My camera has been dead for the past week and i couldn't be bothered charging it till now. This week i decided to try out my new dotting tools and do a basic polka dot design with my two favorite colours to put together.
I've been wearing this for about 4-5 days now so ignore the chips and the dint on my pointer finger!

For this i used my OPI base coat (which i am going to change soon because I've heard of other good ones) OPI Mrs. O'Learys BBQ for the base, OPI Elephantastic Pink for the dots and SV. It's very basic but i love it might try it with brown and light green next.

Meows and kisses!! xoxo

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Theres no place like home, theres no place like home.

Hey guys, arrived back from Gisborne a few days ago. Glad to be home, but i miss everyone there already! While i was there my little cousin asked me to go nail polish shopping with her to chose out nice colours, in the Chinese shop i spotted this amazing ruby red shimmer polish and at $2 i had to have it. I was a bit dubious at how well it would apply but seriously, it would of been a one coater if my nails weren't wrecked from the horrible acrylics i had. It took over an hour for a pro to get them off..... poor little twinklys :( Anyway back to the polish, i couldnt quite capture the true colour and shimmer but you will get the jist. >
Ignore the stupid lump on my middle flinger, still have bits of the acrylic that won't come off!
No idea why its showing up pink, its a ruby red. Now to show you the bottle which is probably my favorite out of all of mine!
So pretty :D Normally i don't like plain nails but i think doing something over it would ruin it butttt before i take it off i want to try black crackle over it in a funky way. Also, my top coat ate most of the sparkles so next time a different top coat will be used.The true colour makes me want to frolic down a yellow brick road!

Meows and kisses! xoxo