Sunday, 10 July 2011


Hi guys, I've started a new job on my days off this week i tried a mani inspired by forever the ugly duckling you can find the mani here. I highly suggest you check out Marina's blog, I'm always getting inspired by everything she posts. Onto the mani.

I tried out one of my new wetnwild polishes called Shiver, i love the colour but it chips so easily so i don't think il be using it again until i find a way to make it hold better. So i started with a base coat, then wetnwild Shiver. For the snow i used a generic silver glitter. For the base of the penguin i used Sally Hansen hard as nails Xtreme wear 28 Black out which is a great black, it is almost opaque in one coat and only cost me $12. For the stomach and eyes i used Lancome white. For the beak i used a peachy orange and then a coat of Seche Vite.

I'm not that fond on it, i think i would use a different base and a more vibrant silver for the snow, other than that i love it. I did really well on my first day at work so i decided to treat myself to one of color clubs scented  nail polishes. I just couldnt get it to dry properly so kept smudging it :/ I got Gimme a grape big kiss, and it smells delicious even when i took it off my nails still smelt of it, yum! If i can figure out how to make it dry and not smudge i might look at getting the whole collection.

Meows and kisses! xoxo