Sunday, 27 March 2011


Sorry about no manis for a while i'd been rocking my leopard print nails and didn't want to take it off :( It lasted really well i was going to take pictures for you but i completely forgot and just wanted to get it off before i changed my mind! So this week i've gone for another glitter funky french, this time with pink and silver glitter. I tapped off my nails like last time added the pink, but remember to take the tape off as soon as you've painted it or else it will rip off the polish. I invested in an Art Deco silver glitter because i liked the brush better than my nail art brushes and the silver i would of used is like 10 years old! I'l stop blabbling and show you the pictures :P
I haven't cleaned up yet, and can't find my topcoat so excuse the mess! And heres one from further away >
I took the picture with a blue glitter because this was my other choice, i think i will try it next time. The pink i used was OPI ElePhantastic Pink. This mani can be tried in any colours and glitters, the list is endless. I might try a glitter on the tips then a creme to top it off at some point, although it might be a bit tricky cause my hands go all shakey when doing things like this haha. Last pay day i finally ordered SV the mother of all top coats, and China Glaze For Audrey which i just had to snap up! Hopefully they come soon.
A perfect Tiffany blue! I cannot wait to rock this!

Meows and kisses! xx

Monday, 21 March 2011


So this week i decided to try leopard print nails, i tried the natural look because i wasn't too sure if i could pull it off. So for the base i used a cheapo gold i'd got a few months ago and i won't be using it again because the smell was horrible it felt like my lungs were shriveling up! yuck! Then for the spots i used OPI Over the taupe then a generic black for the pattern. I used a tooth pick for the black as i haven't gotten my nail art pen yet. Overall i'm actually quite proud of it :D
It was quite easy and didn't take that long, soon i'm going to try a coloured spin on it.

Meows and kisses! xx

Friday, 18 March 2011

My Collection

So heres my nail polish collection and what i store them in, a few are missing and i don't even know where they could be... annoying.
At some point i want to get a nice shelf to put them all on, i hate them being all boxed away :( If you've got all yours on show gimme a look so i can take some inspiration, Chloe's nails has a beautiful shelfing unit for all of hers i am so jealous! Also i'd like to show you guys a pair of falseys I've had for about 6 months now but i just love them too much to use!
Maybe when i get some that i love more than these i will finally use them ;)

Meows and kisses!

p.s here is one of my cats having a snooze in my car


A few months ago i decided to try out marbled nails, i already had OPI you make me vroom on and i couldn't be bothered taking it off so i used OPI ElePhantastic Pink and OPI Gargantuan Green Grape. You can't see the green but i liked how it turned out. >
I didn't do all my nails as it was very late at night, and i haven't tried it again but now i've unpacked all my polishes i might give it another go!

Meows and kisses! xxx

Green Gold

The other day while i was in the chemist waiting for a prescription i spied a little bowl with nail polishes in, after inspecting them and ignoring the dull colours one jumped out at me. A beautiful greeny gold, I've never worn green on my nails but i had to have this colour! So here it is, ignore the fuzzy picture i took this before i finally figured out my camera :') >
After one day of wearing it i got bored of having plain nails even though the colour is amazing so i decided to a few hearts from a flakey i got the other day, the accent nail is actually glittery aswel but you can't really see it >
I love pink and green together! I think it adds a nice touch to the green and i am really tempted to go back to the chemist and see if i can find more colours like this one! Onto the heart flakeys, i have been eying the OPI Nicole ones for ages and could never quite justify buying them off evilbay. While browsing the nail polishes in a dollar store i spotted these! I was so excited and picked up and pink and red one! There was also a white one that i have to get my grubby paws on >

Meows and kisses! xx

Since i was little i have always been playing around with different nail combos and after trolling around blogspot and lusting at other peoples nail blogs i decided it was time i had one! I will try and blog all my different manis starting from now. Last weeks mani was not my usual but after spotting this one (i would give credit but i have no idea who's this is! let me know if its yours and i will add credit) >
I had to try my own spin on it! so with this one i tapped off my nails and painted them black then added gold glitter. I apologize for the awful quality photos, i have a new camera and ive only just figured out how to use it! I absolutely loved this mani and i will be doing again soon so i'l be sure to put up some better pics! Here it is >

meows and kisses x