Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Turquoise Shatter

Hi guys sorry its been a while, I haven't done my nails in a while but i decided to treat myself to the turquoise shatter by OPI. At first i hated it because i put it over black, then decided a pink would look good.
I've been wearing it for about a week so excuse the chips but i just had to show you! I think these colours work awesome together, and i was so impressed with this shatter. The application is great and the cracks don't seem to get bigger over the days which is a big plus for me. The only thing i can complain about is the bottle, on all the shatters on the top there is the silver crackle thing, they just slip off because they're a plastic cover which put me off but I will be collecting all the OPI shatters now!

I sorted out all of my polishes and found them a new home because shoe boxes seemed mean.
Theres a few missing because i never seem to put them back after i'm done haha.

Meows and kisses! xoxo