Monday, 18 April 2011

A quick one

I did this mani on my sister, and oh my god i love it! We were just going to do my usual tips with glitter but i showed her my China Glaze For Audrey and she wanted that insted! >
We hadn't cleaned up yet cause we have an early start tomorrow. To do this i applied a base coat, two coats of For Audrey then tapped of her nails then added China Glaze crackle in black then got my striping brush and did a line of silver glitter and viola! I really really love it and im so tempted to take mine off and play around with different colours! Anyway i am off tomorrow to my Nannas where i have no internet for two weeks, had a very rough day today and need the space away from home.

Meows and kisses! xox

Friday, 15 April 2011


I bought a acrylic nail voucher off one of the one day deal sites here in New Zealand, i was really excited because i'd never got my nails done professionally. I turned up to the womans house, she works from home... and jesus everything was a tip and it smelt like dog but i didn't want to jump to conclusions as she could of been a really good nail artist.... man was i wrong. She was really rough and managed to damage almost all my cuticles while filing and buffing the acrylic down, she even ripped skin off on two of my nails, one of them i have to keep a plaster on! The nails don't look too bad, but one of the thumb nails isn't smooth and shes buffed away too much on a few of them. Here they are >

ouchies :(

Can anyone give me any tips or help to get them back to normal quickly? And has anyone else ever had this happen? I don't even want to go to a salon now i've been so badly put off! sigh, on a lighter note, I'm off to Gisborne in a few days and i won't be back for a few weeks, there is no internet so no posts! Which is probably a good thing because im sure my nails will need alot of time to heal :( 

Meows and kisses! xoxox

p.s this is how i amuse myself these days

Saturday, 9 April 2011


So this weeks mani is very boring and quite ugly in my eyes but i kinda like it.... Any way i picked up some craft scissors the other day couldn't find any i wanted apart from a smooth wavy line like the green/yellow pair here >
heres a few more different ones
Now you can normally pick them up for about $2 either from a stationary shop or a dollar store. I love them apart from the kiddy lock on them, so annoying! Anyway onto the mani!

I was looking through old pictures and saw a picture of me wearing my YSL bright orange polish and had to try it out again. It has aged pretty well seen as its 2+ years old, still goes on exactly the same as the day i bought it.

I was really into orange at the time and this was perfect, it takes about two coats to get a decent coverage but it dries quite fast so an extra coat wouldn't bother me. After i'd put it on i spied my scissors and decided to play around with them. Our house somehow has no usable tape so i used those white name sticker things... i don't even know what they're called oh well. I just can't decide if i love it or hate it. Only webcam pictures because its not even worth HQ pictures >.<
I used an OPI basecoat, then two coats of the YSL orange then cut the stickers as skinny as i could get them with the craft scissors then painted on the generic black and then used SV, remember to pull the tape/stickers off before the paint dries! It's different but i don't think i'l be trying it again. Maybe skinnier and a few more lines? hmph. 

Meows and kisses! xoxo

p.s can anyone recomend a really good black thats almost opaque in one coat?

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Hey guys sorry I've been MIA for a while, my nails were in such poor condition the only thing i could do was chop them all off :( After receiving For Audrey in the mail yesterday morning i had to try it out.... so after about 100 mistakes and smudges it finally turned out okayish and i added a little kitty on my accent finger with a little bit of glitter. (excuse the short disgusting excuses for nails) 
So i haven't cleaned up yet or even done the other hand because i remembered i have a pamper night tomorrow and i have to take it all off anyway sigh -.- I used an OPI base coat then China glaze For Audrey. For the accent finger i used a really old silver glitter, you can probably find something like this from the drug store or a $2 shop and for the kitty i used a sticker from a card making set. Then over the top of everything i used the wonderful SV i got in the mail also.... can we all say mother of top coats?! love it amazing. Heres another picture i liked the lighting in.
Again, ignore the mess!

So because i haven't really posted much i gathered loads of my inspiration and decided to show you some designs i really love and want to try :) Most of them i don't have sources for but if you can tell me who's it is il give credit or take them down.

above here

I think this is gorgeous, i really want to try it, anyone know what shade the CG is?

above here

above here

Meows and kisses! xxx