Thursday, 2 February 2012

Worth The Fight

Hey all, I say to myself every time i post here that i will do it more often but i just get so busy and neglect it! I have just got back from my two week annual leave, it was meant to be really relaxing but turned out to be stressful and disappointing. I traveled up to my grandmothers up the coast, where my sister and nephew is and my boyfriend, well ex now. The sun was great and it was so nice to spend time with family, but obviously my relationship ended, i still don't really know why but oh well moving on! I decided today i would treat myself to some new lovelies!

 Bambi sketch jumper - $18
Thumper sketch t-shirt - $18
Curled leaf pandora charm - $49

I could not resist the bambi and thumper tops! Fell in love with them as soon as i saw them. And i had a $20 voucher for pandora and they had 10% all the charms so i thought why not and picked up the leaf charm. 
I always find it quite interesting to look at other peoples pandoras so i thought id show you all of the charms i have.

A few of them have meanings behind them, the witch i got on my 21st which was fitting because i was born on halloween. The budda was bought with money from my Gran, i thought it was perfect because she is very spiritual. And the Hippo was for when i went of safari in Africa. I plan to fill my bracelet with charms that remind me of everywhere i have been to.

A few polishes i got a while ago-

Pink shatter over For Audrey.

And now some photos from my holiday :P

That is about all i have to share at the moment, but i promise i will start posting more! I will leave you with my new favorite band -

Meows and kisses! xoxo

P.s here is my little sleeping beauty

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