Wednesday, 21 March 2012

All i want is you.

Hey everyone, sorry for the major neglect on this again. Been a really rough few months and i have been feeling the full effects of my depression and anxiety. Things with my family have been up and down as usual, and i lost my best friend, my boyfriend... no he didn't die but he may aswel of because he just wasn't the person i fell in love with anymore, Turned into a complete stranger. And my work life was just rediculous so i just dug myself a comfy hole and stayed there. Anyway! I am back and hopefully will be posting more i know i know i say this everytime but i will really try this time!

I've been trying to find new hobbies to distract myself and i decided to have a go at decoden! Heres a few pieces that give me inspiration - 
Above both are from Jolie Petite she is my decoden crush and i strongly recommend her!

The most gorgeous cases deco5444

I ordered a few cabocons, went out and bought some silicone and stuff to decorate and heres what i've come up with so far!

Here is my first one. None of my supplies had arrived yet but i was dying to try it out so i rumaged round my room for some bits and bobs and came up with this!
And here is my beautiful compact mirror which i love, and it is so durable! Been in my handbag for a few weeks now and it still looks exactly the same! I've received a lot more things in the mail now so on my days off this week i might go a little mad.. haha!

And with that here are a few things that are inspiring me at the moment -

Just realised most of those are depressing but whatever! 

Meows and kisses! xx

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